Water Soluble Neem Oil

Water Soluble Neem Oil

Water soluble formulation of cold pressed neem oil for plant insectide and fungiside.

PLANTREAT WATER SOLUBLE NEEM OIL is commonly used as a botanical pesticide in organic agriculture and in gardens. It is obtained by emulsifying pure cold pressed neem oil obtained from the current season neem seeds. The choice and the dosage of emulsifier is optimised after long years of research so that all the biochemical ingredients of neem are well preserved. PLANTREAT is widely used in several countries around the world as an organic pesticide either singly or in integrated pest management programs.


  • Eco friendly: Organic, natural and biodegradable.
  • Nontoxic to mammals, animals, birds and aquatic life.
  • No post-harvest indexes. No Residual toxicity carried over to the harvested product. Can be applied at any stage of the plant.
  • The herbal power of neem provides a natural remedy by increasing the overall health of the plant and by increasing its resistance to pests and diseases.


  • 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, 5 litres, 20 litres,200 litres or 180 Kg MS or plastic drums


PLANTREAT acts as a good preventive fungicide when fungal diseases are just starting to show. It coats the leaf surface which in turn prevents the germination of the fungal spores. Neem is effective against root rots, mildews, rusts, scab, leaf spot and blights. It works as a barrier and not as a systemic fungicide.

How it works

  • Disrupts insect reproduction and sterilizes insect reproductive organs.
  • Acts as a feeding deterrent and affects insect digestion, excretion hence insects do not feed on the treated surface. Its ability to swallow is also blocked.
  • Does not affects the beneficial organisms like pollinators, predators, earthworms etc. When the population of predators are maintained, the exponential growth of pest populations is suppressed.
  • Improves pesticidal effects, when mixed with conventional pesticides.
    Repellent activity on adults from laying eggs. Sterilization of adults in certain species.

Application How to use

  • As plant foliar spray by mixing 5-15 ml of PLANTREAT in 1 litre of water.
  • The dilution factor (dosage per liter of water) depends on three factors: size of the plant, existing pest population and the volume of water required to cover a unit area of crop.
  • It is recommended to spray the solution within 5 hours after dilution. Spray during evening hours has more effects.
  • For an optimal control, spray once in a week and if necessary, increase the frequency of application.
  • The spraying frequency can be increased during the hottest month or during a rainy weather.