Coco Pith Loose

Coco Peat Block

Coir Pith or Coco Peat is the byproduct extracted from the coconut husk after the fiber is removed. A product that was once burned as waste material, is used as a major component in potting soil due to itโ€™s high water and nutrient retention capacity, while also providing optimum aeration for the plants.

The use of Coco peat has extensively grown over the past two decades as it is much more environmentally friendly than its alternative, the black peat.

The main benefit of using coir pith is that it can be used in any type of soil as a soil conditioner or a growing medium. Coir pith has a fibrous nature so it breaks the clay chunks into smaller fragments thus enhancing aeration of the soil, making it suitable for free drainage and more friable. You can also use in the sandy soils or light soils which do not retain water easily. The sponge-like nature of the coir pith makes it ideal for holding large quantities of water as well as oxygen in the soil thereby preventing the vital nutrients of the soil from leaching out.

Coco Pith is available as an uncompressed loose packed, 650 Grams and 5 Kg block.